05. 11. 2013
aislin mcguckin

The Clan is Gathering!

More casting news from STARZ! Minor roles, really, but always nice to see more cast members come on board. Liam Carney (below left)  will play Alec McMahon MacKenzie aka Old Alec. This squat,...

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01. 11. 2013
mrs baird

More Ladies of Outlander

Today Outlander STARZ announced 2 more wonderful characters, this time 2 women. Mrs. Graham will be portrayed by Tracey Wilkinson, while Mrs. Baird will be played by Kathryn Howden. Just a quick reminder,...

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22. 10. 2013
nell hudson

Laoghaire “Leg Hair” MacKenzie

Today STARZ announced one of the few remaining cast members of the Outlander TV Series, one of the few that we love to hate – Laoghaire! Her character will be played by the...

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29. 08. 2013

Most Casting News!

Ron Moore is slowly but surely filling in more roles. Today Starz announced that actor Stephen Walters will be playing Angus Mhor, and actress Annette Badland will be playing Mrs. Fitzgibbons. Click here...

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