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There are so many Outlandish websites, blogs, and other resources out on the web. But here are a few of our favorites:

Outlander Addiction’s Facebook Page  – OA’s official Facebook page. Updated often!

Outlander Addiction’s Twitter Page – OA’s official Twitter page. Follow us!

Shop Outlander-themed Products - OA’s Zazzle page. Outlander T-shirts, totes, and more.

Diana Gabaldon’s Official Blog/Website – Herself’s website/blog. Enough said.

Diana Gabaldon’s Facebook Page  – DG’s official Facebook page.

Diana Gabaldon’s Twitter Page – DG’s official Twitter page.

STARZ Outlander Series Official Site – The official website of Outlander – A STARZ Original Series.

STARZ Outlander’s Facebook Page

STARZ Outlander’s Twitter Page

Compuserve Books and Writers Community – Diana’s primary online hangout for the last 25 years!

Outlander: The Musical – The story of Jamie and Claire Fraser brought to life in music.

The Poisoned Pen – Autographed by Diana Gabaldon copies of various Outlander books.

Outlander Kitchen – Historical and Character-Inspired Food from the fictional world of Diana Gabaldon.

Outlandish Observations – News, commentary, random musings, and occasional Deep Thoughts.

Outlander Fan – Blog with all things Outlander.

Outlander Italy – La fonte italiana su Outlander serie Tv e la saga letteraria di Diana Gabaldon.

My Outlander Purgatory – Carol blogs. Tracey tweets. James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser means to take his time about it. Aye?

Heughligan’s – Sam Heughan Fan Site

Outlander Musings – Blog for Outlander fans

11 Responses to “Outlandish Websites”

  • Leigh

    I realize it’s a done deal, and we Outlander-obsessed fans don’t get a say in castings, but I’ve had some of the characters so wonderfully cast in my head! Of course some of that goes back a decade or more, so those actors wouldn’t be right now even if I had a choice. I also know that DG herself is totally pleased with the guys cast so far, and all I’m gonna do is piss her and probably quite a few of my fellow fans off by saying this, but I think Richard Armitage would have made the absolutely PERFECT Black Jack/Frank Randall.

    That said, assuming anybody in charge of casting checks these sites at all, I hereby nominate Matthew Macfadyen as Stephen Bonnet. He can do an Irish accent, and moreover, he has acted in the same series as Richard Armitage, and Tobias Menzies: MI-5! Since I don’t believe in coincidence, that kind of sychronicity must mean SOMETHING. But if Matthew isn’t free, than how about Tom Weston-Jones? Strangely, he was also in MI-5, tho at a different time. And for either Laoghaire or Geillis, what about another MI-5 alumnus, Sophia Myles?

    Honestly, tho, since Tobias is Scottish (he has to be with a name like Menzies), why waste someone with a native accent on characters who are English to the core? He also just doesn’t fit my picture of Frank, and therefore Jack. Of course, I don’t mean to be presumptuous. Who knows better what the characters look like than the person who created them! Wasn’t Tobias also a Black Jack sort of character (except more fake effeminate) in the Rob Roy movie with Liam Neeson?

  • Cathy Duggan O'Sick

    My daughters and I are awaiting the coming of “Outlander” on Stars with bated breath. It was truly my favorite of the series. I have been acquiring and collecting the hard back books and seek that out in every second-hand book and thrift store. Found three in one place in Cape Cod … was so excited. We are true fans of your work and look forward to every new book in the series.

  • Leigh

    Hey guys, I may be the last person in the world to know this, but in the event that I’m not and other Outlander fans, especially American ones and any who live in a place where you NEVER see a stone circle, guess what I found out? I was watching a 1998 movie I’d taped called “Still Crazy” about the remaining members of a 70s rock band called Strange Fruit. It has a really good cast, complete with a touch of Scottish n the form of Billy Connelly as the original roadie, and along with Bill Nighy, a brilliant British actor who’s a great comic actor and can actually sing, which is a good thing because he’s often cast as a washed-up singer. It even had a real rocker, a guitarist and singer who’s played with some of the greats. The film was good enough that I watched the whole thing, but the best part of the whole thing, in my opinion, wasn’t the movie, its script, actors (however decent) or even the fact that this move, which I had never even heard of, had one of its songs, written and performed by the only real musician in it, nominated for a Golden Globe award. I watched it, as an Outlander fan obsessed, for only one real reason, which is after looking it up in Wikipedia to get more information before I wasted 2 hours watching a movie that might be too boring to justify wasting the time (which wasn’t the case), I learned something about the pub they meet in to discuss whether they’d all agree to tour again to make some money that they could all use. And yes, I’m intentionally dragging this out, because this pub, called the Red Lion, in Avebury, which really does exist, is the only pub in the world to (wait for it) be located in a neolithic STONE CIRCLE!!!!! Just think, how convenient that could be. I walk in, dressed in what appears to be 18th century clothes, covered by my favorite winter coat, a very heavyweight (it sometimes actually hurts my shoulders) handmade felted black wool cape that I bought in the 80s after seeing Stevie Nicks in one, with a deep hood, a lining with sewn-in flap covered pockets just below the slits for my arms to emerge if they must, perhaps to hold a warm muff (tho I prefer long black leather lined in cashmere-lined ), and a large gold-colored metal clasp embossed as what appears to be a sun god. I’ve also sewn in some fur coat (eeeww, I prefer fur on their original owners) like hook closures that hold the cape completely closed in the wind but can’t be seen. The cape is very warm, especially when the hood is up, and nearly waterproof although I haven’t ever tried to test it in a steady downpour. I drink a few well aged, single malt whiskeys for courage, luck and simple enjoyment, just as I also visit the ladies’ room for the last time, and enjoy the sound of the flushing water, hopefully the feel of Charmin toilet tissue but unlikely in England – sorry chaps – the lather of the luxuriously scented soap, and use a paper towel for the last time (which as an environmentalist I don’t think I’ll miss, but which as an RN I know I will), then head out into the night of (Dec. 21, Feb. 1, Mar. 21, May 1, June 21, Aug. 1, Sept. 21, or Oct. 31 – pick one). It’s not Scotland, but it’s near Stonehenge, so it must be on a leyline. Naturally I’m carrying some gems (if you don’t have any in jewelry, rough, mostly semi-precious gems are pretty cheap on many Celtic and Wiccan supply websites), and being Wiccan (shhh, that’s just between us), I’m well aware of the ritual to cast, much more so than Geillis (sorry DG). It’s a great dream, and I’d do it in a split second if I had the money. My SO, who has spent a lot of time in the Caribbean, actually knows the cave in Haiti where Claire kills Geillis. If things were different, I’d try it there, except that would mean leaving him there, and I don’t think he’d let me. So it remains a dream. But if anyone planning on visiting Britian happens to stop in at the Red Lion for a drink, PLEASE take pictures of everything and post them. A pub in a stone circle. I wonder if that’s something Claire would love or hate?

  • Julia

    I remember several years going on line and seeing pictures of people readers thought would be a good choice for Jamie, Claire, Brianna, and others. Does that website still exist?

  • Lisa

    Just finished watching the last episode of this Seasons Outlander. The one thing that bothers me most is the casting of Claire. How could they cast someone that you can see the bones in her back and her ribs? Jamie was attracted to the curves of Claire and this Claire is a bag of bones. I think Claire is the worst cast character based on the book descriptions.

  • Diane

    Lisa, I’m in complete agreement with you. I suspect that the reason why the producers went for this particular actress in the role of Claire is because they wanted a woman who would not be a threat to the female viewers. Actresses were were curvy and stacked have always been cast in roles of the viper, the mistress, or the dumb bombshell while the actresses who were the heroines were more in the Audrey Hepburn physicality. I personally felt that the sex scenes on the show lacked much-needed erotic punch because Ms. Balfe was so emaciated that I was actually worried that she’d be broken literally in two by her magnificent male lead. I find it hard to believe that they could not have waited a little longer to find someone who would have been a much better visual fit for Mr. Heughan.

  • natasha

    http://www.abbyshot.com has Outlander licensed scarves, stoles, shawls and more!!

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