Outlander Books

In case you are not familiar with the Outlander books, and the chronological order, here is a list of the famous books, and Diana’s Outlander novellas/companion books:

#1                          #2                        #3                        #4

#5                         #6                          #7                        #8

“Companion” Books:

Outlander Novellas:

5 Responses to “Outlander Books”

  • Sandra Whitman Daughridge

    This whole series of books is fantastic! Diana Gabaldon is a super author who quickly draws you int the lies of her characters. I’ve been wait years for them to a[[ear as a series on TV. Thank you, STARZ!
    The Giveaway is a great one and I’d be proud of any of then. I’ve got my fingers crossed for luck! God uck everyone else.

  • Sandra Whitman Daughridge

    Of course, I meant good luck, not good uck! If only I co
    uld type!!!

  • Kaitlyn Foos

    First off, I have become a huge “Outlander” fan. I have read several novels in which the author has a base of time travel through the Druid stones, historical fiction, romance, and beautiful Scottish history. I had not come across these Diana Gabaldon novels until I accidentally started watching one of the “Outlander” episodes. After watching only the first 10 minutes or so, I was very intrigued. I have seen all current episodes and look forward to the Starz Mid Season Finale on Saturday and because of this new found intrigue and excitement with the series, I started with the novels.

    To be honest, Diana is an amazing author and started out with a beautiful story of heroic adventure and preserving the colorful Scottish heritage. I am a bit of a book worm and am currently in the throws of 5-7 of my own novels, though I’ve yet to finish one, so I have delved deep into the Celtic and Druid based history and was greatly drawn to that element of the story line.

    However, I have come to the part in the novel where Jamie has become somewhat abusive to Claire and after reading forward on other blog sites, I have been devastatingly informed of the bi-sexual rape element of the story line. This has made me terribly sad. I just don’t understand why Mrs. Gabaldon had such a beautiful passionate story, despite the necessary heartache to make it realistic, then (and this is of course just my opinion) somewhat ruined it. The perverseness of bi-sexual rape and spousal abuse just really turned me away from the plot. I’m not sure if I will read the rest of the series and I am greatly dreading this turn of events being portrayed in the Starz “Outlander” series.

    Before I read this part of the novel I had this image of Jamie being honorable, passionate, and loving. I just don’t understand why his character would be made to take the beating for so many other’s whom he was not intimately in love with, then turn into an abusive monster towards that person? And, yes, the world can be an ugly place, but I as a reader, turn to novels with a romance base to escape the ugly, and for a short while indulge in romance untainted by perverse ugliness. I was saddened by the beating Jamie gave Claire, but was just so disgusted with the bi-sexual rape element. I really do not see how that was relevant to the plot. Many times before, Jamie had pledged his devotion to Claire. We know, as the audience, that Jamie would kill and die for her. So, just why? Why the rape????

    A Sad Fan

  • ann

    The beating Jamie gives to Claire is deserved. All the men risked their lives to rescue her from Wentworth prison. Any man who did the same would have been flogged or even killed but she wasnt. Jamie is not abusive. As for the ” bisexual rape”, it has nothing to do with jamie’s love for claire. Black jack rapes jamie after jamie basically trades his body (he is being hanged the next day) for claires freedom. I would recommend reading the whole book with an open mind. It might seem like harsh or brutal subject matter but it really is a beautifully written story.

  • Colleen Kitson Perrin

    Each of the novels bring love, intense action and topics that arent normally covered. I believe that Diana does write incredibly well and after one reads the novels you truly understand the turmoil and tragedy that the characters experience. I believe that by adding the ugly scenes, brings the novels another level of realism. I adore the books and will reread them. Every experience that the characters face brings the reader one step closer to truly understanding who these characters are. I love these books.

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