Loving Outlander, Before Outlander Was Cool: Top 5 Reasons to STILL Read the Book

On September 25, 2014 by Outlander Addiction

Talk Jamie To Me
Being a longtime fan of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander, naturally I was completely out-of-this-world ecstatic when Starz jumped on board and made the hit television series. And they have yet to disappoint. I crave Saturday nights. I am a little girl in a candy store, with unlimited choices, my daddy’s credit card, and no chance of gaining weight, or diabetes. And I am not alone.

Millions of viewers scurry to their televisions to jump in on the action. Most of them are also longtime fans, however there is a good percentage that are new to the Outlander world – the Virgins. How lucky for them, right? But of these Outlander newbies, even after 7 glorious episodes, many have still not picked up that epic bible of greatness – the book.  I want to shake these people; knock some sense into them. I want to scream into their ear “you have not earned the right to love this story!” After all, Outlander is personal. But instead I hold back fists, bite my tongue, and write blog entries about the top reasons why one should STILL read the book.

1. Getting back to the roots – Let’s not forget the origins of this story, which all began 20+ years ago when a university professor, and mother of 3, wanted to write a book for practice. And look what that bloomed into – a NYT bestselling series, with over 20+ million copies sold! That’s almost the size of the population of Australia, and bigger than the populations of most countries. Entire countries cannot be wrong, people!

2. Devotion – I think it’s commonplace to say that books are better than movies/TV, and this is no exception. Don’t get me wrong. The TV show is 100% certified 10-star rating. But the book? The book is 11 stars. Think of it as spending hours, closed off from the real world, enjoying the long-term relationship that is Outlander. It’s like a commercial for ultimate pleasure: “Outlander, take me away.”

3. Supplementary Jamie – This speaks for itself. Can we really ever get enough of that redheaded hunk-O-love? I think not. Read the book and you get full access to ALL Jamie-isms. You get to mold him, devour him, implant him into your………imaginations (don’t get too carried away here).

4. Beyond book 1 – Just to do a little namedropping: Brianna, Roger, Lord John, William, Young Ian, Stephen Bonnet. The Virgins won’t know who these people are. Yet. Pick up book 1, and then keep on truckin’. You’ll soon discover there is an even bigger world outside Jamie and Claire that is just as lovely. Did somebody say Season 2? Why yes, yes they did.

5. Join the conversation – Read the book AND watch the show. Be amongst hundreds of fan sites and groups that discuss this stuff in detail. Dissect, analyze, scrutinize, praise; be one of the “cool” kids. Some favorite places to visit:
Outlander Addiction Facebook Page
Outlander Fan
Outlandish Observations
My Outlander Purgatory

Ok, so if none of the above reasons were convincing enough, keep in mind that we are just about done with the first half of season 1, and now must wait months to feed our addiction once again. What better way to bide the time than to immerse yourself into the original prodigy? Fill that void. Do yourself a favor. I promise, you will not be disappointed. -OA

A few little links to expedite the process:
(*this is a great option for those that find Scottish dialect or Gaelic difficult to read)


And don’t forget to continue watching Outlander on Starz, resuming Spring 2015!

Outlander Starz

27 Responses to “Loving Outlander, Before Outlander Was Cool: Top 5 Reasons to STILL Read the Book”

  • VIvian Anderson

    Lord John, Lord John, Lord John! I love him, but can’t wait to read more about Ian, Briana, Roger and Jamie! OH and William!

  • Cindi

    Never explained better, thank you! Read the books, you will never ever ever regret it!!

  • Susan

    And don’t forget that these books (and audiobooks) are likely available at your public library!

  • You are preaching to the choir, sister! I nabbed a copy when it first came out–I think it was a featured book in the DoubleDay Book Club!

  • Geannine

    I’m not a big weeper – must be that I’m way to tired, but I teared up reading this. Even my good friends don’t understand my total commitment to these books & now the show. I guess the watery eyes are due to knowing what non-readers are missing out on. Just read the books folks!!!

  • Roo Roo

    Well said! I read the series years ago and am now RE-READING to refresh my memory on the details. I love it even more this second time! I’m already on re-read of Drums of Autumn!
    This series is a Classic!
    So happy with the TV series also! It is quite addicting!

  • Kathy

    I have read the series of eight books 4 times through… you never get tired of them!

  • Kara

    Wait, SPRING 2015?? Noooo! I was hoping for January or February.

  • Well actually the Ladies of Lallybroch was the first official fan group……it’s still there. We were fans when there was no other fans. :) There’s rules…..no politics, no dissing Diana or her works, no religion. It’s why we still all get along!

  • I was walking to my car after work, so happy to be able to listen to MOBY (again) on my commute home and wishing it was the weekend for Outlander viewing. Then I realized that this is the last episode for now, and the idea crushed my heart. That made me little concerned that the addiction might be serious, and the break might be important for my mental health. lol

    These characters are such good friends, one wants to spend time with them all the time. (Are we creepy stalkers?)

  • Thanks very much for mentioning Outlandish Observations! :-) I appreciate it.


  • Kathleen

    So beautifully expressed…I only discovered the series 10 years ago so sometimes experience a pang of jealousy toward the clandestine Compuserve clutch and legendary Ladies of Lallybroch league…funny, the possessiveness it engenders…at the same time arousing an almost primal avidity as you patiently and tenderly introduce yet another virgin to its endless wonders and excruciating delights…an avid reader with a relatively impressive repertoire of classics under my literary belt, I initially spurned what I suspected to be little more than a typical bodice-ripper…(imagine, at the age of 7, standing in a corner of the Bookmobile, having for the first time bypassed the “children’s” section, gazing at the floor-to-ceiling bookcase of “classics”, with your father’s whispering voice in your ear, “…and don’t be drawn in by the Gothic novels — Shelley and Austen and those Bronte sisters…”) — but I digress. I discovered Diana relatively late in life, but, thankfully, at a perfect time to introduce her to my adult daughter and my still-sparkling mother — what a gift. We’re all re-reading them again as we watch the Starz series. Diana’s books my daughter and me on a trip of a lifetime, figuratively and real-ly — starting in Inverness then south to Edinburgh and on to Paris…Culloden is a place that will be with us forever — it’s also when we began the process of discovering our Scots heritage…so yes, like legions of others, with us, its both precious and very, very personal…especially now that “my very own Jamie” is reading it…words fail.

  • Christine Buffaloe

    My friends think I’m nuts…OCD! I’ve been obsessed with these series of books since I first read Outlander back in 1991 (first published). I feel very proprietary towards these characters….I love them! I know to most this sounds nuts, but it’s true.
    I was very concerned regarding the casting and upon watching the characters in actions, I’m so pleased. The actors have embraced them and have “become” them as well. I have no doubt that Sam is Jamie and that Caitriona is Claire. I guess that’s why I sat up all night watching the series….again!
    Móran taing!

  • Gina Emory

    Have loved these books since 1994. I, too, feel proprietary toward them! I love the show, with a few minor exceptions. Love Sam and Cait as Jamie and Claire. And the rest of the cast is fantastic. Tobias is incredible. What a gift to finally see the books come to life, even with the differences.

  • I completely relate; the show is a 10 out of 10, yet the books are even better ❤️

  • Judy

    The audio books are amazing. Davina Porter is a great reader, and she “gets” both Jamie and Claire.

  • Barbara Claire Luck

    I’m also an early fan starting in 1991 and have introduced many friends to the series over the years (which is why I have to keep ‘re-buying the books so I can ‘re-read them). Just before the STARZ series began, I got my husband to start reading the series so we could enjoy the episodes together and he is completely hooked. I hope more men start to read the books after watching the series. As my husband, says, “what’s not to like, violence, sex and KILTS.”

    I would also like to suggest DG’s “Outlandish Companion” as a void-filler between now and next April if to get to the end of the 4th book. Great background!

  • stacey

    after the ruining of true blood I give up on book to t.v. show .my bestfreind said give this show a chance, being a have been a fan of outlander books for years. so I wait for the whole season to go buy before I would watch it at once sunday.i’m in love.the actors are the perfect as Jamie/clarie/blackjack.the storyline are from the book.i’m not watch what a bunch butchers would call a show ,but writers show respect to author and fans.i will be back next season.

  • stacey

    after true blood I didn.t trust book to t ,v,show,i was enjoyable surprise.

  • mamaspins

    I am an Outlander virgin but I got the books and only hope I won’t die before I read them all! It’s a fascinating story and look forward to reading “the books”. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I will keep reading your blog:)

  • Geordiegal

    I’m also an “Outlander” virgin…My sister read the books years ago, neglecting to pass on a referral. Now, after watching the amazing series, I am finishing “Dragonfly in Amber” with
    “Voyager” waiting. Then to Amazon for three more…Great to put the wonderful faces with the characters. Casting is amazing…Kudos to those responsible…Sam and Catriona…perfectly matched…Can’t get enough “Outlander”…Totally hooked…from the talented cast, writing, production, direction et al…and set against the awe-inpiring, stunning Scotland.
    What a viewing and reading treat.

  • mardi

    am also a long term reader, I don’t know how often I’ve read them..and was rapt to find the Starz series on tv in Aus, now just waiting for it to come to NZ. in the meantime, am back on yet another reread marathon… and have picked up on Outlander Kitchen and other fan sites, good fun…

  • Cyndie

    I am a semi virgin I guess. I am on book 4, Drums of Autumn, and it is do hard to put the book down, but since I am new to the books am finding it difficult to track both the TV series and the books at the same time. I guess it stems from the immersing myself in both books and series , and now that the book is 20 years ahead I want to stop there for the season so I only have the series to keep my mind on the current track that I am watching, but I do agree the books can take up the time while waiting for the next series begins, and they are amazing,

    So I hope all of you Outlander addicts are enjoying it like I am,

    Cyndie admitted Outlander Addict

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