An Outlandish Adventure (and some signatures)

On July 31, 2014 by Outlander Addiction

It’s been just about a week since Outlander stormed the San Diego Comic-Con, and I’m still buzzing from the high. Before I dive into the details of one of the most unforgettable days of my life, let me start with a bit of back-story…

I attended the Outlander L.A. Fan event back in January ’14 with my mom, and happened to be one of the lucky ones who was a DirecTV subscriber. Needless to say I was able to attend the meet and greet after the panel and introduce myself to Sam, Cait, Ron, Diana, and all the other producers and writers. It was a lovely time, despite trying to recover from the flu earlier in the week. So, combining the fact that I was with my mom, and I was recovering from the flu, and there was an official rule of ‘no autographs’, I didn’t even attempt to cheat and try and get an autograph from Sam and Cait. What can I say? I was sick, completely star struck, and a rule follower. But the good news is I was able to get some killer pictures with the stars. Here’s a few blasts from the past:

Andrea and Caitriona      Andrea and Sam

I guess you say I’ve been hell-bent on trying to get autographs ever since. I’m a professional fangirl, this is what motivates me (fairly pathetic, I know). So, much to my surprise, I was completely ecstatic when I received an invite to San Diego to be amongst the first to watch Outlander Episode 1 at the premiere. Initial reactions that ran through my mind: A premiere?! I’ve never been to a premiere! What do I do? What will I wear? Who shall I take with me? Will I get to meet Sam and Cait again, and get those signatures? I was beyond excited. Stupidly excited. My husband will forever make fun of me for the magnitude of anxiety that was coursing through my body.

I decided to take my sister-in-law with me, who is equally a crazed Outlander fan, and appreciates my fangirl-ism, for she herself is a professional fangirl. We decided to make this trip as cost efficient as possible thus traveling to and from San Diego in less than 36 hours.

Our day started off incredibly early with waking up a 3am to catch a flight San Diego bound. Once we arrived, and after some deliberation on what to do to kill some time (our hotel room wasn’t ready for check-in), we decided to check out downtown San Diego near the convention center. People watching is, after all, a favorite past time, as I’m sure many of you will concur.

Arriving near the convention center was mouth-watering. So many things to see, so many displays and advertisements, and so many crazy people! We almost immediately ran into a few fellow Outlander fans, identified by Pocket Jamie and Heughligan t-shirts. After a bit of chit-chat we heard bag pipes and saw an army of young, beautiful men decked out in Outlander paraphernalia, and KILTS!!! What a fun group of people.

outlander menWe decided to follow these guys around for a bit in hopes to meet up with a few more Outlander fans. Sure enough I FINALLY was able to meet most of my fellow blog, Twitter, and Facebook page administrators. How great it was to meet these ladies in person. After conversing for almost 2 years, we were able to put faces to names.

Shortly thereafter, we received some insider information that the cast and crew were having a meeting/lunch literally right above our heads at the Hard Rock Hotel. We even got a little sneak peek of some stars looking over the edge. I immediately put on my stalker hat and decided we should see if we could catch the stars leaving the building. A few entrances to the hotel were blocked by security, but being our stealthy selves, we found a way in, and soon met up with 2 other fans (hi Sue!) with the same intentions. We waited by the elevator inside the lobby for a bit and got a glance of the boys from Vikings.

The security guys eventually caught on to us and kicked us out of the hotel. But we didn’t give up! We immediately went around back to a door we assumed was a primary exit door. There we met a few more Outlander fans, and a lot of very rude people! Apparently there was an official line held for fans wanting to see the Hunger Games crew. Several more celebrities were spotted, including Zachary Quinto (Spock from Star Trek), Kellan Lutz (Emmett from Twilight), and a few others.

FINALLY, after much determination and patience, we all got what we were waiting for! Diana, Ron, Lotte, Tobias, and Graham came first. They were all very kind and gracious to us Crazies.

lotte ron tobias diana graham

A few minutes later Sam and Caitriona made their way out of the building, and the small crowd that we were went wild!
sam       cait
I was far too excited to think about getting pics with the stars, but you better believe I was quick thinking when it came to getting some autographs. April from Outlandish Boston was gracious enough to lend me her green Sharpie, and THIS happened:

I think I may have accidently marked Cait with green marker (sorry Cait!) with all the buzz, but it definitely paid off. The small group of fans that were there, were completely beside ourselves – coming down from one of the biggest thrills. We called it “Fangasim”, and at the point I seriously considered taking up smoking. Eventually the adrenalin wore off (a smidge), and we decided we should head back to the hotel to prep ourselves for the even bigger event – the premiere!


The entire event was spectacular, beginning with the plaid carpet, the standing stones marking the entrance to the theater, and the line of hot kilted men posing in the lobby. Again, we were able to catch glimpses of the stars. Boy did they look spiffy. And to much surprise, they actually sat in the theater along with the hundreds of blood-thirsty fans within an arm’s reach.

theater       entering theater

Ok, so quick recap about the premiere itself (spoiler-free):
1. About 18 minutes into the show, you are in for a very pleasant surprise.
2. Not a lot of love has been given to Frank – at least from all of us long-term fans – but Tobias is amazing. And sexy as hell. If I didn’t already know how this story was going to play out, I would totally be Team Frank.
3. Similar to the books, the humor in the show is subtle, but incredibly witty. The screenwriters did their DG homework!
4. SAM IS JAMMF. All Doubters will cease to exist after seeing episode 1.
5. Likewise, Caitriona is Claire. Spot on. What an incredibly hardworking, talented actress this young lady is. She is definitely going places. And hopefully straight into season 2!

All in all, the entire experience was almost too much to handle (almost). There was a bit of euphoric exhaustion that arrived very early Saturday morning. And I wouldn’t change it for the world. Bottom line is I absolutely, 100% did not think I could love Outlander any more than I already did, and these very gifted group of people completely proved me wrong.  sleeping

I hope you all enjoy the show! Tune in Aug. 2nd for a free online preview of episode 1, followed by the official premiere shown at 9:00pmET on Aug. 9th on Starz.

4 Responses to “An Outlandish Adventure (and some signatures)”

  • Barbara


    It was so nice to meet you while we staked out The Hard Rock. LOL It was so exciting and I am glad I got to share the experience with such a wonderful group of fans.

    Love the blog post. You are spot on with all your observations. i totally was bowled over by Tobias. Poor guy was so tired. And sitting a mere five seats from the cast was thrilling. (And here I thought row P was going to be lousy seats. WRONG!)

    Live the group selfie we took. Can I steal a copy just for myself? Won’t repost.

    Hope to see you again at future events.


  • Aw thanks for the shout out Andrea! :) Always happy to lend a fellow fangirl a Sharpie! :) You ain’t kidding when you say you’ve gotta act fast for an autograph! This was really my first time at the rodeo! Fortunately I’m also a music fan and I never attend a show without one–though as I frequent mostly indie shows, the artists are generally more than willing to sign a CD.

    We left the Hardrock on an adrenaline high. Having NOT had that opportunity in LA, I was just ecstatic to finally meet Caitriona and Sam! And Graham shook my hand too! <3

  • Barbara

    Suppose to say LOVE the group selfie. Gah!

  • Ditto…in Seattle I was up at 2amto catch a 5 am flite to San Diego. Was fortunate to stay with a friend of a friend who is also an Outlander fan, and was my guest.. Amazing to be in the company of such humble stares and such loyal fans. I wasn’t able to find the stars as you did, but I do envy you. I’m a newbie fan … Only four years since I was loaned the first book by my friend! I have lots to learn. But I did meet Diana at the Seattle area book signing. Thanks for your story!

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