The Clan is Gathering!

On November 5, 2013 by Outlander Addiction

More casting news from STARZ! Minor roles, really, but always nice to see more cast members come on board.

Liam Carney (below left)  will play Alec McMahon MacKenzie aka Old Alec. This squat, powerful man is the “Master of Horse” at Castle Leoch. He serves as a boss and in a way a mentor to Jamie at the stables. A bit gruff, he is definitely a man’s man.

Aislin McGuckin (below right) has been cast as Letitia MacKenzie, the wife of Clan MacKenzie’s Laird Colum MacKenzie and mother to Hamish. As the spouse of the most powerful member of the clan, Letitia plays the role of both matriarch and caring mother. A strong woman in her own right – the type of powerful ally Claire, or anyone, would love to have.

liam carney_old alec aislin mcguckin





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