MOBY Tour Dates

On November 8, 2013 by Outlander Addiction

Random House announced tour dates for Diana Gabaldon to promote Written in My Own Heart’s Blood (MOBY) book release. The official release date is March 25, 2014 and Diana will begin touring that day, starting in Los Angeles, CA.  Here is s quick run down of where she will be:

25-Mar-14    Los Angeles, CA
26-Mar-14    Phoenix, AZ
27-Mar-14    San Francisco, CA
28-Mar-14    Sacramento, CA
31-Mar-14    Dallas, TX
1-Apr-14    NY, NY
2-Apr-14    Washington, DC
3-Apr-14    Philadelphia, PA
6-Apr-14    Portland, OR
7-Apr-14    Seattle, WA

For more information on exact location of the event, click here:


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