What to read AFTER Outlander?

On August 27, 2013 by Outlander Addiction

I threw this question out to the Outlander Addiction group a while back and finally compiled the list of suggestions, along with links to the stand alone book or first book in the series on Amazon. Obviously NOTHING will EVER compare to the Outlander books, but it’s always good to have a list of other swoon-worthy books at hand, so here ya go (in no particular order)!

P.S. – If you have any other suggestions, please comment and we will continually add to this list.

1) Lord John series by Diana Gabaldon – Lord John and the Private Matter: A Novel
2) Wilderness series by Sara Donati – Into the Wilderness
3) The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley – Winter Sea
4) The Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley – Rose Garden
5) The Firebird by Susanna Kearsley – Firebird
6) Shadowy Horses by Susanna Kearsley – Shadowy Horses
7) Mariana by Susanna Kearsley – Mariana
8) A Game of Thrones series by George RR Martin – A Song of Ice and Fire: Book One
9) The Bronze Horseman series by Paullina Simons – The Bronze Horseman
10) Clan of the Cave Bear (Earth’s Children series) by Jean M. Auel – The Clan of the Cave Bear
11) Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan – The Eye of the World
12) The Clan MacDougall series by Suzan Tisdale – Laiden’s Daughter
13) The Pillars of the Earth series by Ken Follett – The Pillars of the Earth
14) Daughter of Smoke and Bone series by Laini Taylor – Daughter of Smoke & Bone
15) The Blue Bells series by Laura Vosika – Blue Bells of Scotland
16) The Ruby Brooch by Katherine Logan – The Ruby Brooch
17) All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness – A Discovery of Witches: A Novel (All Souls Trilogy)
18) The Farseer series by Robin Hobbs – Assassin’s Apprentice (The Farseer)
19) Kushiel’s Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey – Kushiel’s Dart (Kushiel’s Legacy)
20) Black Jewels series by Anne Bishop – Daughter of the Blood (Black Jewels, Book 1)
21) Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind – Wizard’s First Rule (RosettaBooks into Film)
22) The Eight series by Katherine Neville – The Eight
23) Lady of Hay by Barbara Erskine – Lady of Hay: Two Women, Eight Hundred Years, and the Destiny They Share
24) Wind series by June Lund Shiplett – Journey to Yesterday
25) The Fever series by Karen Marie Moning – Darkfever: The Fever Series
26) Highlander series by Karen Marie Moning – Beyond the Highland Mist: 1 (Highlander)
27) In Death series by J.D. Robb – Naked in Death
28) Robin: Lady of Legend by R. M. ArceJaeger – Robin: Lady of Legend
29) Boudica Trilogy by Manda Scott – Boudica: Dreaming the Eagle (Boudica Trilogy)
30) The Pirate Captain by Kerry Lynne – Pirate Captain
31) Elemental Mysteries by Elizabeth Hunter – A Hidden Fire: Elemental Mysteries Book 1
32) The Mists of Avalon by Marion Bradley – The Mists of Avalon
33) The Dublin Saga by Edward Rutherfurd – The Princes of Ireland: The Dublin Saga
34) Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell – Gone with the Wind
35) Inspector Rebus series by Ian Rankin – Knots and Crosses: An Inspector Rebus Novel
36) Morning River by W. Michael Gear – Morning River)
37) Oathsworn series by Robert Low – The Whale Road
38) The Novels of the Jaran by Kate Elliott – Jaran: 1
39) Lionheart by Sharon Kay Penman – Lionheart
40) Timothy WIlde series by Lyndsay Faye – The Gods of Gotham
41) The Tea Rose Trilogy by Jennifer Donnelly – The Tea Rose: A Novel
42) The Dalraida Trilogy by Jules Watson – The White Mare
43) The Hollows series by Kim Harrison – Dead Witch Walking (Hollows)
44) Island of the Swans by Ciji Ware – Island of the Swans
45) The Lions of Ireland series by Morgan Llywelyn – Lion of Ireland (Celtic World of Morgan Llywelyn)
46) Under the Same Sky by Genevieve Graham – Under the Same Sky
47) Exit Unicorns Seires by Cindy Brandner – Exit Unicorns
48) The River of No Return by Bee Ridgway – The River of No Return
49) The Cousin’s War series by Philippa Gregory – The White Queen
50) The Tudors Series (Boleyn) by Philippa Gregory – The Constant Princess
51) The Scotland Trilogy by Marsha Canham – The Scotland Trilogy (3-book bundle)

34 Responses to “What to read AFTER Outlander?”

  • Shirli de Saye

    I would highly recommend The Pirate Captain by Kerry Lynne. She is self published and available on Amazon in both epub and paperback. The story follows Catherine (Cate) Mackenzie after fleeing the highlands in the aftermath of the latest Jacobite uprising. This story is beyond EPIC. Book two is due by early 2014. It’s a bit of a combination between Pirates of the Caribbean and Master and Commander. Cate is a fabulous, well drawn character.

    I would also highly recommend The Elemental Mysteries (A Hidden Fire, This Same Earth, The Force of Wind and A Fall of Water) by Elizabeth Hunter. This one is about vampires with a unique twist and a heroine to die for — the hero isn’t half bad either (epic love story over four books).

    Both authors/books have web sites.

    • Woody

      Thought the readers might like to know, I just saw on wwww.piratecaptain.net some professionals agree that The Pirate Captain is a Goodread;; It was named a Finalist for the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, historical fiction. I loved the story of Nathan & Cate right up their with Jamie & Claire. Some great reading in June what with MOBY and then the Captain’s #2 book all released within a few weeks of each other, yeah!

      • lisa

        Just finished reading book 1 and 2 The Pirate Captain Chronicles by Kerry Lynne and it is a most read if you are a outlander fan. Cant wait for book 3 which I have no idea when it will be released .

    • susan w

      Just an FYI that A Hidden Fire on Amazon is free for the kindle version. I’m looking forward to it.
      Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Jan Morrison

    Please read two series by the same writer:
    Manda Scott’s series on Boadicea/Boudica, which starts with “Dreaming the Eagle”
    M C Scott’s Rome series which begins with “The Emperor’s Spy”
    Both series are set in Roman times, and have a great set of characters.

  • Debbie

    The Bride by Julie Garwood. Of course I like all of Julie Garwood’s books.

  • Pam

    “Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss – saw him on a panel with Diana Gabaldon at Tucson Festival of Books – loved his sassy ‘tude plus he looks like Harry Potter’s buddy Hagrid. Glanced through his book in another tent & someone said they loved it so I took the chance & haven’t regretted a moment spent reading it! Currently halfway through his second in the series – “The Wise Man’s Fear” – cannot wait for #3! Completely different than “Outlander” & beautifully written!

  • Great picks. I’ve read some of these and have some of these on my Kindle to read.

  • I recommend Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastard series… Really well written with enjoyable characters and interesting plots. For quicker, yet truly enjoyable reads (if you’re a fangirl/boy) try Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles and Nicole Peeler’s Tempest (aka Jane True) series.

  • Penguin has published my first three books, “Under the Same Sky,” “Sound of the Heart,” and “Somewhere to Dream,” all of which are gritty historicals with romantic AND paranormal elements, set in the 18th century. I was inspired to write by Diana Gabaldon, and the DG fans who have read my books are all in agreement. Even book reviewers recommend them to Outlander readers. I hope you’ll give them a look!

  • Penguin has published my first three books, “Under the Same Sky,” “Sound of the Heart,” and “Somewhere to Dream,” all of which are gritty historicals with romantic AND paranormal elements, set in the 18th century. I was inspired to write by Diana Gabaldon, and the DG fans who have read my books are all in agreement. Even book reviewers recommend them to Outlander readers. I hope you’ll give them a look!

    Also, my writing was recommended by SUSANNA KEARSLEY!

    Support a NEW author AND a fellow Outlander fan! Thank you!

    • Melissa Birckhead

      I just finished all your books. Loved them! Will the next one be about Janet?

    • lisa

      I think you should write book four and tie in all characters and continue with Cherokee Indians Carolina back country and maybe revolutionary war.

  • Well you might try my latest book. Gathering Storm, romantic Jacobite suspense set in 1740s Edinburgh, currently available to borrow free for members of the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library on Amazon UK and Amazon US and also to buy there and elsewhere. Here’s a link with more info:


    I’m also the author of the definitive non-fiction book on Jacobite women: Damn’ Rebel Bitches: The Women of the ’45.

    There’s also One Sweet Moment, a poignant love story set in 1820s Edinburgh. More info and links on my website: http://www.maggiecraig.co.uk

    Took tea with DG in Edinburgh a few years ago. She was lovely. I’m really excited about the TV version of Outlander!

  • The River of No Return by Bee Ridgway is a great book for this list!

  • Meriel White

    Another good read is ‘The Crimson Petal & The White’ by Michael Faber and also I enjoyed ‘The Bondmaid’ by Catherine Lim

  • Meriel White

    Also good reads….. My Dear I wanted to tell you by Louisa Young and Tatiana and Alexander: A Novel by Paullina Simons

  • Elizabeth

    Just a note: definitely read “The Shadowy Horses” and “The Winter Sea/Sophia’s Secret” BEFORE “The Firebird” by Susanna Kearsley. The Firebird takes place after these two stories and brings in characters from them. All her books are really great. She is an excellent writer and loves to surprise the reader.

  • Leslie

    The Exit Unicorns series is the closest I’ve come to Outlander series. Very enjoyable!

  • ‘Flowers after the Storm’, or ‘My Lady’s Heart’ by Laura Kinsale. I read a LOT of period drama and these books capture the essence of some real characters, plots, and the flavour of the times. I love them.

  • Stefanie

    The Sharon Kay Penman book on your list is part of her Plantagenet Series, which contains five books. The First one is When Christ and His Saints Slept which is very good. Her book The Sunne in Splendor about England’s King Richard III is also very good. For more medieval historical fiction with a love story, I’d also recommend Katherine by Anya Seton.

  • Stefanie

    Related to my previous comment: Sharon Kay Penman also has a Welsh Trilogy which begins with Here Be Dragons. While I haven’t read it yet, I have read very good things about it, and it contains a love story as well.

  • Jennifer

    I just finished reading The Pirate Captain by Kerry Lynne because of a recommendation here, and they really are fantastic! Their are two books Nor Silver and Nor Gold. She is a self published author. I bought her books as ebooks on Kindle and devoured them. Nor Silver is a great book especially for a new author who is self publishing, but Nor Gold is even better. You will not want to sleep or feed your children until it is done! Her characters are more broken than in Outlander, but they are equally compelling!

  • Cheryl

    Jsephine Tey’s Daughter of Time – I read this one many many year’s ago and have never forgotten how I was pulled into the story.
    The problem really is there are lots of good stories out there but nobody, nobody writes well as Diana.
    Anya Seton’s Green Darkness is also a fascinating story.

  • Lynette Rodwell

    Sped read through your list and I could not believe that you .. wait I’ll look again..No! – No LAURA KINSALE and her most highly appreciated book ‘Flowers from the Storm’ .. Oh Gosh! – How could you not include this authoress!? Her fans say that they merely read other books until her next novel comes out. Dear folks see :- http://dearauthor.com/need-a-rec/if-you-like-misc/if-you-like-laura-kinsale-hosted-by-janine/ . I saw the Outlander film which is supposed to have ‘religious’ similarities to ‘Flowers from the Storm’ .. now on your fervour I shall buy the book for my holiday reading ~ thank you! :))

  • Stefanie

    I’ve been recently reading Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles, which take place in 16th century Scotland. She’s one who definitely draws readers into her books. Her strong points are setting, characters, and history.

  • Woody

    Just had to add a comment about the second book in The Pirate Captain, Chronicles of a Legend, “Nor Gold” by Kerry Lynne, I was spell bound, a story of grit, imitate joy, tears, laughter and heart break while being gritty and dark with twists and turns which I never saw coming. It is by no means a historical romance but can’t really say what genre this tale falls in a best guess would be historical fiction, love story and paranormal (there is a curse) Do yourself a favor and read this series Captain Blackthorne is a difficult man to figure out but he is most loyal to what he holds dear to his heart!

  • Rebecca

    Beautiful Wreck (Vikings!!) by Larissa Brown and Exit Unicorns (3 Book Series) are fantastic.

  • Becky

    Master of crows by Grace Draven, Entreat Me by Grace Draven, Radiance by Grace Draven. Mark of the Tala by Jeffe Kennedy, Beautiful Wreck by Larissa Brown

  • Stefanie

    I know this is an old post, but I’ve just begun The Moon in the Water which is the first in a series called the Heron Series covering a Royalist family during the 17th century in England. It is shaping up to be a very good family saga. She also has another series called the Wintercombe Series which covers a Puritan family during the same time. All this to say that if you’re interested in historical settings which aren’t often written about Ms. Belle is up your alley.

  • Stefanie

    And in my haste, I forgot to list the author’s full name. It’s Pamela Belle.

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