Jamie Fraser!!!

On July 9, 2013 by Outlander Addiction

It’s official! Sam Heughan is officially James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser!
Whether or not you like this choice, we best get used to seeing Sam’s face everywhere as he has been cast to play Jamie in the upcoming Starz television series.

Starz, and Diana herself, announced the news earlier today launching Sam immediately into “Outlander world”. And oh, what a place for him to be!

In case you missed it, here’s one of many links to the announcement:

So what do you think? Think he can pull it off? I’m thinking so!
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And, if you’re still in doubt, check out Sam’s Showreel:

Good luck Sam! We think you will be great!


5 Responses to “Jamie Fraser!!!”

  • Hillary

    I think Sam is a fantastic casting choice. Clearly he’s not *exactly* my Jamie, or your Jamie – or DG’s Jamie for that matter – that is the beauty of imaginative reading – we create non-referential characters in our minds based on very cleverly arranged words on a page. If he was identical to my Jamie I would be seriously weirded out!

    Sam is beautiful and he is pretty damn close to Jamie’s general description IMO – although I am more familiar with an older man now with a few extra scars!

    • Leigh

      I agree with Hillary. Having all my stuff in storage while I camp at my Mom’s, searching for a new apartment, I haven’t been able to perform my annual re-reading of the early books. So reading the latest volumes from the library has had the very same effect on me. I keep envisioning an older Jamie, more confident in his sexuality, and with muscles of somewhat like Arnold Schwartzenagger (not while he was competing, but from his earlier movies). After all, during then Rising, they didn’t call him “Big” just for his height!

      I’m just hoping that he can do a good Highland accent (there are few accents sexier in my book) and have his LONG hair dyed the way Claire always describes it, with all the different shades of red, cinnamon, etc. The last thing I can imagine is a Jamie who resembles Prince Harry (as adorable as he is).

  • Leigh

    OK, I’m about to do a complete 180 here. I just read DG’s interview about Sam, and saw a picture of him in another movie with the kind of long hair we’d expect to see on Jamie, even tho it was blond. Once I saw that, I was sold. If sequels are made, or flash forwrds, they migh have to cast another actor to play the older Jamie, but for the young “innocent” lad Claire, erm, ‘corrupts”, Sam is it! I apologize to DG for doubting her wisdom and to my fellow fans for potentially leading them astray.

  • Leigh

    I’m starting to feel a little bi-polar. I just watched all the Sam clips, and while he’s undeniably handsome, with perfect Fraser blue eyes (even though they’re not cat-slanted), incredible bone structure, and a mouth that’s the closest I’ve ever seen to that of a young Paul Newman (in other words, Yummy!), he’s simply not hairy enough. I know that can and probably will be fixed by the makeup people. But aside from not having what Claire has so often described as his “long straight nose”, he also HAS a feature that Claire would have mentioned if he’d had it (and it’s not something that can be masked by makeup), his cleft chin.

    Well, what’s done is done. They’ve probably got a Claire in mind too, just negotiating. But if the series does well and they bring in a grown Brianna and Roger, I haven’t anyone young enough still to play Brianna (although I did have), but I really hope they get John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness from Torchwood, the Doctor Who spin-off) as Roger. He’s a little old for the role but still looks young enough. And he’s everything DG wrote about Roger: nearly as tall as Jamie, determined, handsome, dark haired (but will probably need contact lenses for the famous Geillis green eyes). It’s too bad all the actresses I can think of for any of the major roles are far too high-priced and now too old for the roles. Why didn’t they start this years ago?!? We’ve been waiting long enough!

    OK, I’ll stop now. Goodnight all.

  • terryla

    each character is perfect in my opinion…especially Jamie, love this guy

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